Seller’s Inspection

Selling your home can be a stressful time. We all want to get the most money out of our home when we go to sell. Another consideration when selling is making sure that the closing and completion of the sale goes smoothly. Getting a Seller’s Inspection from a professional home inspector like Great Plains Inspection Company is a good way to make sure the sale of your home goes smoothly and for the price you expect.

When you get an inspection before you list your house, you are taking an important step in avoiding any unwelcome surprises.  We can find defects in your home that could affect the safety, efficiency, and livability of your home.  Time and budget are always factors when deciding on and prioritizing home repair and maintenance.  When issues arise in a home that we own, we do not always address the problem right away.  Time can slip away and that repair never gets done and might have even worsened.  People tend to adapt to their environment.  We can become used to the problem in our home and get to the point that we do not even notice it anymore.  When it comes time to sell, the issue that we forgot long ago is suddenly front and center at the closing table.

Having a new set of eyes on your house helps you get a clear picture of the condition of your home at the time of inspection.  This information can allow you to make repairs before listing your home.  Sometimes the time and budget are still a factor before selling.  The inspection report can still assist you in deciding an asking price for your home and makes your declarations more accurate and truthful.  Avoid unwanted surprises and disappointment and schedule a pre-listing seller’s inspection today.

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