Buyer’s Inspection

Buying a home is a very personal decision.  Whether you are buying a newly constructed house, a historical home, or something in between, it will be the place where you live every day.  A Buyer’s Home Inspection is very important because we can inspect your new home with objectivity.

Allowing a professional home inspector from Great Plains Inspection Company to see the house with an unbiased eye will help you make sound choices for you and your family. We can give you the information that you need to make a good decision when buying a home. Our detailed report will describe defects in the house and be supported with photos. To make our reports more detailed, yet easy to read, the report will have links to explanations and diagrams that you can review when it is convenient for you.

We encourage you to attend your inspection.  Feel free to ask questions and learn about the systems and components in your home.  Our goal is to provide you with as much useful information as possible.  We want to help you be knowledgeable in your new home and know how to maintain it.  Allow around three hours for the inspection process.  If you are not able to attend the inspection, we would be happy to go over the report with you after the inspection.  And whether you can come to the inspection or not, feel free to call or drop us a line after the inspection should you have a question.

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