11 mo. Warranty Inspection

Protect your investment on your newly built home by having Great Plains Inspection Company do an 11-Month Warranty Inspection.  Usually when one purchases a new home, the agreement includes a one year warranty from the builder.  Having a professional inspection just before the end of the first year is a great way to find defects and allow you to address problems in your home.

When you schedule an 11-Month Warranty Inspection, we will take the time to talk with you about your experiences in the home over the last 11 months.  We will listen to your concerns and make sure that they are addressed during our inspection.  Your inspection report will detail the defects found in your home so you can take the information to the builder.

There are many outstanding builders in our area.  Getting an 11-Month Warranty Inspection does not imply a lack of trust or professionalism for your builder.  Most work in new home construction is subcontracted out by your builder.  The builder uses skilled tradespeople and their products to build the homes that they sell.  The fact is, your builder wants to know if there is a workmanship or quality issue with the subcontractors and products they are using in their homes.  The feedback you provide gives your builder an opportunity to correct problems for you, but also to evaluate the product that they are producing.  The builder is relying on his or her customers to help them understand the opportunities they have in their product.  Providing a first-year warranty is the builder’s way to allow them to make things right by you and preserve their good name.

Allow your builder to fix the problems while still within your first-year warranty term.  Avoid costly issues by getting them taken care of within the first year.

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